Friday, April 26, 2013


April 26, 2013 MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE EXERCISES I'll be instructing a class on mixed-media collage at an upcoming women's retreat. In order to get all my supplies together and organize a lesson plan, I decided to make a few collages. I started having so much fun, I couldn't stop! Here's what I made: "Remembering Gram" My parents divorced when I was very little and I grew up in my grandmother's home. When I thought about things I remembered of her, this was the list: she babysat all the grandchildren and made us all feel special; she liked puzzles (crosswords, jigsaws,criptograms); she always wore heels - bad feet runs in our family; she knitted sweaters for us and sewed clothes for us to stretch the budget; she liked tuna fish sandwiches with special watermelon pickles; she smoked Pall Mall "cigs" "Marjorie Ruth" This collage is done inside an Altoids tin. On one side of the tin there's a photo of my mother when she was a little girl, and the other side is a tiny ceramic spaniel. She had a dog named Lucy. "I Love Chickens" A collage inside a small wooden box. I had sat down at my worktable and saw that box. I decided to set myself to the task of creating a collage using only things I could reach from where I sat. I also wanted to see if that old crackle paint I've had forEVER still works. The chicken is from a wallpaper scrap, and the gold "balls/egg" are actually 1/2 of the inside of tiny world globe keychains.

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